"that you may proclaim the excellencies of Him who has
called you out of darkness into His marvelous light
- I Peter 2:9






Family Bible Seminary, Robinson travel to school ext., discipleship & church building project


CEF Belize Mulvihills’s- school clubs and teacher training, support deficit(designate specific ministry)

political instability, travel & safety, discipleship, outreach

Choosing of Missionaries

We seek to support missionaries which are:

Pioneer in Nature
(Romans 16.20)

Sound in Doctrine
(2 Tim 1.13,14; 4.1-4)

Evangelical in Focus
(1 Cor 15.1-4; 2 Tim 4.5)

Kindred in Spirit
(Phil 2.19-24)

Our Goal for Our Missionaries

Our goal is to make sure those we support are cared for financially, that we are of kindred spirit with them, that we are held in high esteem by our people through prayer and correspondence.

FBC Mission

Romans : 16.1-4
I Cor : 16.10,11,18
Phil : 2.29
III John : 5-8


Family Bible Seminary


We praise God for the accomplishments for Family Bible Church and School for the year 2018.

 The most praiseworthy accomplishment of 2018 was the establishment of Church Ministry. We thank you all especially for your prayer support and sponsorship for construction of Family Bible Church, India.  Dear USA church we thank each one involved in support and sponsoring the India church projects. Through your prayer support and efforts most of the construction work is over, we hope that this year with God’s help we would reach completion. Praise God with your help we are paying installments to buy the church adjacent land. Thank you very much for everything.

 Pastor most of the Study Centers have completed their three year study course. Sir we pray that God would help you and the elders to prayerfully decide Pastor Gary’s Graduation visit 2019. Any schedule in October, November, December 2019 or January, February 2020 would be fine for the Graduation. Please pray and decide for this request.

 Also pray for future prospect of Bible Study Ministry. We as a family are praying that God would help in starting a small residential Bible School Project. Around 10 to 15 students in the residential bible study is what we are prayerfully interceding. Pray for God’s advice, leading and guidance.

 Due to God’s grace and your support the Church has a regular congregation of around 75 to 80 people every week. Christmas 2018 has around 150 people attending the church service. On Christmas morning the village travelers were fed with a small morning snack. The church attendees were fed with an afternoon meal.  The church service included a Christmas message in which the church was educated why celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ is essential for the Christian faith. Plus the children and youth performed Christian songs and skits.  Also the week preceding Christmas the church choir visited the families and shared the songs that share the joy of Christmas. Also the church members came forward willingly and helped in the Christmas chores. This was the second Church Christmas celebration and we felt the joy, warmth and unity that the church members felt in organizing the festival.

  Robinson shared the Old Testament Survey from God’s word as part of Sunday preaching this past year.  Please pray for preparation for preaching and understanding of sermons by the congregation and that the Holy Spirit controls the Christian education of the congregation.

 Molly helps in counseling the children, youth and women of the church.  Also she helps in organizing with the kitchen workers in preparing meals for the congregation.

 Kevin, our son is studying in grade eight. We as a family are praying that Kevin studies in a Bible School. Kevin also prays and wishes that he takes Bible Education. Pray that as a family we serve the Lord. Pray that presently as he takes secular education God helps him learn and excels him in all expertise and education.

 Also every Saturday past year Robinson, Brother Deepak, Brother Jyoti educated around 40 believers and prepared them for baptism. Praise God around 16 congregation members were baptized in 2018. Please pray that the Saturday evening service adds more believers to the congregation.

 Throughout the month the prayer team visits the congregation members’ homes for specific prayer needs and intercedes that God answers their prayer requests and healing needs. As a result of these prayer efforts the congregation testifies every Sunday as to how God has blessed them. Please pray that God arranges for the travel expense for the prayer visit and that God’s miracles and healings are evident for development of strong consistent Christian faith in the congregation.

 Brother Deepak leads the congregation every Sunday for a Testimony Time.  The congregation members share the week’s blessings, praise God for answered prayers and encourage each other to commit genuinely for faith in Jesus Christ. Pray for the healing of fractured knee of Brother Deepak. Pray that as he helps in counseling the men of the church God builds him in the wisdom and guidance from the Almighty. Pray for his wife and children that God cares and blesses them as they support him as he serves continually in the church.

 Brother Jyoti leads the congregation into intercessory payers especially for the Holy Spirit leading and guidance for every aspect of individual prayer needs. Pray that as the youth interacts and share problems and needs with him, pray that God blesses Brother Jyoti to edify the youth biblically with love and firmness as to build godly character in the youth. Praise God for blessings for Brother Jyoti’s family.

 Brother Amar leads the congregation into praise and worship. Brother Amar is also in instrumental in preparing the choir, educating and organizing the youth. Brother Amar is a talented gospel singer. God also leads him to write Christian songs. Pray for God’s guidance as he organizes the choir. Also he is helping in paint work of the church. Praise God for blessing the church with a devoted and talented church worker.

 Sister Aman helps in taking care of the children during preaching session. Pastor, Sister Aman is a spinster and her whole family has accepted the Christian faith. Pastor the family had requested us to find a spiritual Christian boy as her life partner. Please pray that God answers their prayer.

 Her aunt Dalwinder is also praying for a Christian life partner.

 Please pray also for Brother Amit as he helps in organizing the sound system. Please pray that God guides him as he unlearns various needs of sound system from the internet. Pastor Brother Amit before he becomes a believer had a severe road accident and has injured his both legs due to which his wife left him.  He is praying for a Christian life partner. Please pray that God answers his prayer request.

 Pray for Brother Gogi who is very humble hardworking   boy. He serves the church and helps in any and every job assigned to him. Please pray for God’ blessing and strength for his hard work.

 Praise God for Lakwinder, Chinder, Kala, Ajmer for blessing the kitchen chores. Please pray we need people to regularly help in kitchen chores. Please do earnestly pray that God answers this prayer request.

 God has blessed the church with a very talented youth. Pray that the youth spends time in prayers and spends time in prayer and united organize collectively and accomplish chores of the church.  Pray the youth have a desire to learn playing musical instruments. Pray that God helps in arranging a Music Tutor. Pray that God adds success in their studies and workplaces and they grow in spirituality and christlikeness.

 We together as Family Bible Ministry India humbly thank you for everything. With God’s intervention and with God creating you all as channels for India ministry we have been successful in all prayer requests and accomplishments. We are humbly grateful to you all.

Pictures of Service at Family Bible Church in India

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CEF Belize

APRIL 2019

Were you praying for our latest events? The Lord blessed and we are grateful for your prayers.

* A special highlight was the commissioning of our daughter, Janelle, at our home church in Belmopan on  November 11. We became members of this church during our years living in Belmopan. This was their first commissioning service.  We felt honored to have our home church hold this service for her.

* Two volunteer days were held in November to help prepare the party bags for the school assemblies.  These volunteers drop in our home and help for however long they want.  There is lots to fold, glue, and collate the six items in the bag for 2,000 + children, other bags are prepared for the teachers. We’re thankful for the 12 volunteers, and another volunteer day was held for youths, (many of which had served as former summer missionaries).  Four youth were awarded their Teaching Children Effectively™ (TCE) certificate at their  volunteer day. They attended the course in 2016 and we were able to award their certificates at their volunteer day.

* We were involved in three Christmas workshops (two in our district and one in Janelle’s district). The Christmas kit was given to 21 teachers.  Three more workshops were held in January featuring the 12 week set of the life of David, sets were given to 11 teachers.

* Our Birthday Parties for Jesus (Christmas assemblies) are always a busy time. The Lord provided openings in 13 schools (23 assemblies) and one church. Others also taught the lesson in many locations in Stann Creek and Toledo districts reaching 2,920 children, 31 were counseled for salvation.  The school assemblies are held the two weeks prior to the Christmas break. The teachers also attend the assemblies.

* Four Valentine party clubs were held reaching 100 children with 21 professing salvation and four were counseled for assurance. Adults also attended these parties. We are grateful for the assistance of two young people helping in this outreach.

We are seeking your prayers for these upcoming events:
* Volunteer days, March 11 and 16 for assisting with the Easter party bags.
* Three  Easter party workshops to be held on March 22 and 30. 
* Easter assemblies to be held April 1-12. 
Jim, Janelle and myself will be involved in teaching a TCE course in a nearby Bible college March 18—May 24.  The classes will be held three days a week for two hours each day.  There is a two week Easter break.

Continue to pray for these ongoing needs:
Mailbox club lessons are now being done in three primary schools.  The teachers have commented how they enjoy the lessons. One student even thanked us for helping him know God better.  We are praying that these lessons will develop into further ministry opportunities within the school.
Our weekly Good News Club® has new children attend each week. We now have 70+ children registered. It is held in an outdoor shelter of a church near a local school.
* Our health. We are doing well, but realize the importance of your prayers for God’s blessing for this need.

In January we were able to have a week of vacation with our son, James in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.  We also enjoy this special time when we can gather as a family. 
Following our vacation Jim traveled to Bellingham, Washington to attend the memorial service for his sister, Ruth. We were able to use our travel mileage for his airfare. All five siblings attended with two spouses.  Janelle and I returned to Belize January 13 and Jim returned to Belize a later that week.

Thank you for praying, Jim and Jan

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Lineo Lekhotsa

MAY 2019
Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ. Hope this email will find you and your Family doing well, also the church.  How can we pray for you?

Things are fine here we thank God.
Here are prayer requests and praises.  

1. Thank God for kids club that is going well and kids are growing in thier walk with the Lord. One boy led his mother to the Lord. We are praying that he will continue to be God's vessel.

2. Praise God that for the commitment of people who want to know more about God .

3. Praise God about 10 young people gave thier lives to God during soul winning.

4. God is good and faithful to us as He continues providing for us. 

5. Praying for students as they will start exams on Monday. Praying that God will remind them what they have learnt.

6. Praying for God's wisdom as the schools will be closing , what program can we do for them. Also that God send us people who will help during school holidays.

7. Praying that Holy Spirit will help us and use us as will be having youth rally.

8. Praying that God will fill us with Him as we continue serving others .

Thank you 

April 2019

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