"that you may proclaim the excellencies of him who has
called you out of darkness into His marvelous light
- I Peter 2:9






Family Bible Seminary, Robinson travel to school ext., discipleship & church building project


CEF Belize Mulvihills’s- school clubs and teacher training, support deficit(designate specific ministry)

political instability, travel & safety, discipleship, outreach

Choosing of Missionaries

We seek to support missionaries which are:

Pioneer in Nature
(Romans 16.20)

Sound in Doctrine
(2 Tim 1.13,14; 4.1-4)

Evangelical in Focus
(1 Cor 15.1-4; 2 Tim 4.5)

Kindred in Spirit
(Phil 2.19-24)

Our Goal for Our Missionaries

Our goal is to make sure those we support are cared for financially, that we are of kindred spirit with them, that we are held in high esteem by our people through prayer and correspondence.

FBC Mission

Romans : 16.1-4
I Cor : 16.10,11,18
Phil : 2.29
III John : 5-8


Family Bible Seminary

Pictures of Service at Family Bible Church in India


Phases of FBC India
Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Phase 4

Praise the Lord.

We greet you all in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Thank you very much and God bless you all for your Prayer Support and Sponsorship for the Church Building.

We praise God and are indebted and grateful for your blessings.

Pray for Robinson, Molly, and Kevin as they minister through, Family Bible School Ministry, Discipleship Ministry, and Family Bible Church, India.

Pray that the students and congregation experience Lord’s edification and blessings in their lives through the teaching and preaching of Family Bible School and Church Ministries


Praise God, He is opening a way for development of a faithful team for gospel witness, outreach, and discipleship.

The Family Bible School students allow the faithful team to educate their congregation for genuine discipleship and quality nurture from the word of God.

Please pray for Robinson as he prayerfully trains the faithful team of Jeevan Jyoti, Deepak, Amar, Dharma and Sister Paramjeet.


Pray for Family Bible School students and Bible study centre leaders.

Pray for the Bible school students as they write their study assignments.

Pray for the continual growth and steady increase of centers of the School


Pray for quality increase in the congregation of Family Bible Church, India.

Pray with us as we plan to organize spiritual edification for the neighboring city people through evangelism and prayer meetings.

Pray for the need of associate leaders required for ministry.

Pray for the empowerment and effectiveness of outreach ministry in the church surrounding areas.

Pray for friendly, apt introduction, acceptance and secure environment for church and school ministry.

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CEF Belize


1. Training opportunities. 
  • Pray for unity for Yolanda, Ulanda and Juanita as they work together on certain projects. 
  • Pray for many to attend the Good News Clubs workshops throughout Belize. 
  • We are praying for four Belizeans to attend the Children's Ministry Institute in August of 2015. We are praying for at least one individual from the southern area to attend. 
  • Teaching Children Effectively (Level 1) - 30 hour course is presently being held in Belize City. Yolanda, Ulanda and Juanita are teaching the course. There are 12 students attending the course. 
  • Pray for more super seminars to be developed throughout the country. 
2. National Board
  • Praise God with us for our national coordinator, Juanita Sampson.  Pray for the Lord's leading in her life as she works in this position. 
  • Pray for the need of more local directors throughout Belize. 
  • Pray for the action team in Belize City to be strengthened and encouraged to keep on the development of their area. 
  • Pray for local comittees to be established in Belize City, Belmopan, and Stann Creek.  
  • Continue to pray for the youth of our national board members, to stay true to the Lord and grow in knowledge of Him: Dimitry, Josiah, Marcel, Amanda, Margaret, Bertie, Novel, Aaron, James and Janelle. 
  • Pray for the Toledo local committee and their members. Pray for more members to join and unity amongst the members. 
  • Pray for the Orangewalk committee to be reestablished. 
  • Pray for our national chairman, Ms. Alma Ellis, who is currently in the States for a family need. 
  • Pray for our national board - more members to join the board. 
3. Workers
  • Pray for the need of vehicles for Yolanda, Ulanda and Juanita. 
  • Pray for the Mulvihill's to continue developing the work in Toledo and Stann Creek districts. Our goal is to have 10 Good News Clubs in each of these two districts. 
4. Ministries. 
  • Mailbox Club ministry - Pray for these lessons as they are used in schools throughout Belize. This is a blessing to the students and staff at the schools.  Pray for more volunteers to help with grading, recording and managing the lessons.
  • Good News Clubs - Pray for more clubs to be established throughout the country. 
  • Pray for the taping, and presenting a Good News Club to be viewed over Plus TV. The program can be seen on Saturdays. 
  • Pray for the religious instruction (R.I.) classes. Pray for these classes to coninue in Belmopan develop throughout Belize. Two R. I. classes are taught in San Isidro, Toledo. 
  • Pray for Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Bertness time in Belize. Wayne is a ventriloquist and he will be visiting many schools during his short time in Belize (February 20 - March 16). Wayne is also a member of Gideon's International and many students will be receiving a Gideon New Testament. Pray for all the arrangements to be completed for his visit. 
  • Pray for the Mulvihill's as they prepare for a visiting team from a supporting church in Illinois. This team of youths will come in May and be involved in school ministry. Pray for all these arrangements. 
  • Pray for the Lord's leading of young people to be involved in summer ministry. 


Click below to view the lastest update with the Mulvilhill Family with CEF Belize

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Lineo Lekhotsa


Greetings from Lesotho.  
Please do find our prayer praise and request: 
1. Thank God for the protection of youth center and our families.
2. Thank God for the workers in YFCLesotho.
3. Thank God for His provision for our volunteers and for our activities and office.
4. Thank God for Lehohla's family for allowing us to use their property for our youth centre.

5. Pray with us that God will send people to help YFCLesotho with thier activities at youth centre.
6. Pray that God will give us our property.
7. Pray with us that God will continue working in the heart of young people who has already received Christ.
8. Praying for the revival at the Youth Centre in the lives of people who comes there.

Thank you 

April 2018

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